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The staff at Tiger Point Golf Club is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in running successful tournaments and outings. We work side by side with the professional golf tournament planner, the first-time tournament chairperson, and corporate and social outing organizers by assuming all operational facets of your day at Tiger Point Golf course. We will work closely with you and your team to surpass the challenges of meeting financial goals and organizing a successful golf tournament. We are your immediate resource for all of your tournament and event-planning needs.

Tiger Point Golf Club in Gulf Breeze, Florida, is structured to support organizations of all sizes to host successful and profitable golf tournaments. Our extensive tournament planning experience has helped us develop and utilize the right people, event venues, network, and systems needed to plan tournaments and events with successful and profitable results. With Tiger Point Golf Club, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. We have a proven track record of hosting and organizing tournaments and events for associations, charities, schools and universities, churches and ministries, civic groups and foundations, and businesses and corporations.

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